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PHAsT is a team of researchers at the University of Sheffield working on providing the medical care industry with innovative, sustainable biopolymers called polyhydroxyalkanoates produced via bacterial fermentation.

PHAsT Solution

Starting from renewable carbon source, we produce eco-friendly, biocompatible, and fully biodegradable biopolymers.

PHAsT is offering a revolutionary solution to the long-term impact of non- biodegradable polymers and their widespread use in industry.

Thanks to our proprietary purification system, we ensure that our polymers reach medical grade purity for in vivo applications.

The tunable mechanical and degradation properties of our materials enable elastic, stiff, short-term, and long-term applications.


The biomedical arena is seeking innovative polymeric materials since current used plastics are fossil-based, therefore having a high carbon footprint level in the production process. In addition, they are not fully biodegradable, hence they cannot be used for a specific set of applications where biodegradability is required, they release toxic products during the degradation process, and incineration is the only disposal option for their end-of-life resulting in massive carbon emission.

Our Mission

The sustainability of our polymers comes already from the manufacturing process. PHAsT biopolymers are produced via bacterial fermentation with low-to-no carbon footprint using renewable carbon sources. Moreover, the materials themselves are sustainable as they can be disposed exploiting all the options depending on the applications. They are biodegradable in soil and marine environments, home and industrial compostable, recyclable or they can be incinerated with lower carbon emission compared to fossil-based plastics.

PHAsT biopolymers can be used for in vivo applications where high biocompatibility and full biodegradability without toxic byproducts are required, and medical devices and long-term applications where high biocompatibility and durability are the main requirements. Moreover, PHAsT materials offer a full set of disposal options, since they are biodegradable, home and industrial compostable, recyclable, and even incineration results in a much lower carbon emissions compared to the currently used plastics. PHAsT can produce and blend together polyhydroxyalkanoates with a range of different properties from rigid to highly elastomeric behaviour, tunable biodegradability, hence being able to target several applications where different physicochemical properties are required. While no highly elastomeric PHAs are currently available on the market, other companies are able to produce polyhydroxyalkanoates with rigid properties, however, PHAsT is the only one currently able to provide medical grade PHAs for the healthcare and biomedical arena. 

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PHAsT is a team of researchers at the University of Sheffield working on providing the medical device industry with innovative, sustainable, and biocompatible biopolymers called polyhydroxyalkanoates produced via bacterial fermentation.

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